Deyrolle: a must for your shopping in Paris

A Paris MUST is stopping in at the DEYROLLE shop at 46 rue du Bac. This taxidermy shop has been in the same location for well over 200 years and is just fascinating. Do not tell the kids anything about what you are doing. Just go to the shop, which is on the ground floor looks like an unassuming gardening shop (which it is)—then walk up the stairs and you will be entering a different world and it is just amazing! The shop was used in the latest Woody Allen movie, After Midnight. That is a must!

Bon Marche, groceries home delivery in Paris

Did you know that at the Bon Marche grocery store, which is Paris’ most elegant food store, you can have things delivered, but they give you the delivery time and it is only approximate, as they are delivering lots of other people’s groceries so you have to sit around and wait for them to show up, as they won’t leave groceries in front of your door for obvious reasons.
Just another great reason why you should rent a vacation apartment instead of staying in a hotel!

The Official Eiffel Tower Ticket Office

The Eiffel Tower is one of the things that you need to book in advance, as there are thousands and thousands of people who all want to ‘go to the top’ so I STRONGLY recommend you purchase tickets online for ‘no wait’ tickets.

These are tickets that you purchase online for a specific date and time and then you just show up at the elevator and cut out about 2 to 3 hours of lines. BUT BUT BUT, you cannot change them, you cannot get a refund if it is raining, etc. So you just have to take your chances that the weather will be OK.

To purchase your tickets, which you print at home and bring with you: