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If you want to know why YOU should book through Paris Luxe, watch the video below and take the time to read the copy…

You’ve just heard our exclusive concierge, Rik Gitlin lay the foundation on what you can expect from your vacation rental experience with Paris Luxe. Paris Luxe is not a “keys in the mail” or “we only communicate via email” agency. If that is what you seek, you won’t have any problem finding an agency or a Paris apartment.

There are literally hundreds of agencies eagerly waiting to book you into a remarkably forgettable Paris vacation apartment. If you are bargain hunting and just want the cheapest apartment in the “best location” than frankly we are not the agency for you. But if you have reached a point in your life when a bit of hand holding is well deserved, peppered with luxury, than welcome to Paris Luxe, you found your agency.

From your first call to one of our worldwide offices, our agents will spend time with you regardless of your budget. When in Paris, all of our guests are personally welcomed by a fluent English speaking property manager who cares about your stay as much as we do. Rik Gitlin, our secret weapon, without doubt will become your best friend (many guests keep him on speed dial) in Paris and he often steps out of his role as Mr. Restaurant and listens to what you want and need to make your experience everything you have ever wanted it to be. Now, we are not saying, we’re perfect and mishaps never occur but if and when they do, we will do our best to be honest and fair with both the owner and our guest. Why? Because we are referral based and we want our guests to come back ironically many of our guests have referred their Paris vacation owner friends because they were impressed with our ability to screen prospective guests.

Can you name one other agency that boasts testimonials with guest photos and videos? Anyone can write initials after a glowing review, few can back it up with photos and videos. Think about it, who do you want to trust your luxury experience to? And we will even go one step further by opening up our rolodex of former guests, if you want to speak to a recent guest who stayed in the apartment that you are considering, just ask us.

Why figure it out on your own? Why risk your precious vacation time? Paris Luxe truly represents the best Paris has to offer. We personally visit and stay in each apartment and we go above and beyond to let you know exactly what you are in store for. We speak to each client before and after their stay, we collect comments, good and bad, that we pass on to you so you can make an accurate decision if the Paris luxury apartment rental will work for you.

There are two things that define Paris Luxe and make us a STAND OUT from other agencies or other Paris vacation rentals. The first is the quality of our apartments, if you take the time to carefully review our selections, you will notice that the Paris Luxe portfolio is far superior to our competitors. Our apartments are all over the city, the Paris vacation apartments, we represent are not cookie cutter replicas. Each apartment has a personality, each apartment is a “home” and was decorated and furnished as a residence not a “cash cow” Paris vacation rental.

Okay, so now you know that we carefully select our Paris luxury apartments based on décor and location but did you know that the sanity of the Paris apartment owner is a huge factor as well? I know you didn’t see that one coming. Yes, I’ll repeat it again, the understanding and fairness of the Paris apartment owner. We screen our Paris apartment owners as carefully as we do our guests. You see as an agency, our loyalty is split between the owner and the guest. Without satisfied guests, we have no repeat business and without happy owners, we have no Paris apartments so for us there has to be a sane decision maker on both sides. By simply reading the Paris Luxe apartment descriptions, you can see that our candor is the pulsating vein of our agency. If the Paris luxury apartment rental isn’t a good fit for you, we don’t want to deal with the arduous aftermath. We spend an ample amount of time, getting to know the Paris vacation apartment owners and the guests visiting Paris. So in other words, it’s going to be our pleasure to get to know you and find a Paris luxury vacation apartment rental that will suit you and if we don’t have one, we’ll tell you.

At Paris Luxe, we don’t collect Paris vacation apartments nor do we try to convince a prospective guest that an upscale Paris apartment is a luxury apartment rental. But most importantly, we don’t list every Paris apartment owner that comes calling. We are very proud of this. This isn’t a numbers game for us, it’s about a quality experience and it has to work for both the Paris apartment owner and the guest visiting Paris hence our ability to build a remarkably loyal client and owner base. Our objective as an agency is to get to KNOW our guests, yes, we like email just as much as next person but in today’s virtual age, something happens when you engage in verbal dialogue and resonate with the motivation, desire and needs of both the guest and the Paris luxury apartment owner.

We invite you to get to know Paris Luxe.

why paris luxe
It starts with planning your Paris experience.
The good news: you don’t have to!

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  signature experience

Do you want to share your must see list with those you love and experience each place as the locals do?

Dedicated services of agents, who will help you choose and reserve a property.

Unlimited access to the Paris Luxe Concierge who will coordinate your itinerary and book your activities

Complimentary access to a professional Paris based photographer to capture your Paris memories

10% off select Paris leisure partners; ranging from walking tours, shopping/flea market and wine tasting tours

  • Mid week light housekeeping

  • Fresh flowers
    upon arrival

  • Assorted fresh

  • French wine

  • Sparkling water/
    flat water/orange juice

  • Assortment of packaged snacks

  • Exquisite décor

  • Spacious living areas

  • Chef-inspired kitchens with
    top of the line appliances

  • Outdoor
    gathering places; private gardens and balconies

  • Superior electronics,
    such as flat
    panel TVs, high speed Internet access, and
    Cable TV: English channels include CNN & BBC

  • FREE Unlimited Calls to North America, Europe, Australia, & New Zealand

  • Cancellation Insurance

  • Signature
    Guests are
    covered for up
    to $5000 USD
    in accidental damages

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  elite experience  
Are you at the point in life where only the finest will do?

For the ultimate in pleasure, privilege and luxury choose the Elite experience.

All the pristine services provided to a Signature Guest

Compliments of Paris Luxe, Elite guests enjoy a welcome credit worth up to $150 from Paris Luxe. After all, no matter what you do on your vacation, it’s better when it’s on us.

Elite guests are welcomed with the world famous Laduree macaroons and a neighborhood chat and stroll commencing with lunch at one of Paris Luxe’s favorite neighborhood bistro.

Elite guests dine with Travel Channel’s Rik Gitlin at one of his favorite restaurants to personally discuss their itinerary and get insider information in person from Paris’ top concierge

Elite guests spend an afternoon with a New York City Expat photographer experiencing Paris as seen only through the eyes of a professional

Roundtrip Transfers to and from your Paris Luxe Apartment

(2) Complimentary mobile phones with Paris phone numbers

Monday thru Friday light housekeeping; linen change upon request

Elite guests are welcomed to a stocked pantry of your choice; simply give us your shopping list

Elite guests are welcomed to highly esteemed Molton Brown Bath & Beauty Travel set

Elite guests are pampered by a private chef; your choice of a one on one cooking lesson or five star restaurant meal served in their Paris Luxe apartment




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